How to Open Keyboard Light on Lenovo Laptop?


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This guide will walk you through turning on the keyboard light on your Lenovo laptop. When working in dim settings, keyboard lights make the keys easier to see and press. Using a keyboard light can improve the laptop's aesthetic value. In this outline, we'll go through what you'll need, how to turn on the keyboard light and customise the brightness to suit your needs.


It's crucial to remember a few things before turning on the keyboard light on a Lenovo laptop.

  • Verifying a backlit keyboard on your Lenovo laptop: Not all laptops include a backlit keyboard; therefore, verifying that your particular model does is crucial. The Lenovo website or the user manual can be used to look up your laptop's specifications.

  • Checking to see if your laptop is on: It's necessary to power up your laptop to use the illuminated keyboard. Therefore, before moving forward, ensure that it is turned on.

Checking if your Lenovo notebook has a backlit keyboard and ensuring it is activated is the first step in turning on the keyboard's illumination.

Opening the Keyboard Light

When using a Lenovo laptop, you can activate the keyboard light in a few different ways:

Using the Function Key: 

The keyboard light can be turned on by using the function key, commonly denoted by the letter "Fn", in conjunction with another key. You should consult your Lenovo laptop's handbook or the company's website for the correct key combination, as it varies by model.

Using the Windows Settings: 

The Windows settings on some Lenovo laptops can be used to turn on the keyboard light. You'll find the Keyboard settings in the Control Panel under "Hardware and Sound." A switch to activate a keyboard light must be present.

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Using Third-Party Software: 

You can activate the keyboard light on some Lenovo laptops by using an application or utility installed on the device. To activate the keyboard light, you should first see if there is any dedicated software for your laptop.

After you've activated the keyboard light in whatever way works best for you, you may tweak the brightness to suit your preferences.

Adjusting the Keyboard Light Brightness

In addition to the obvious method of turning on the keyboard light, a Lenovo laptop also allows you to change the brightness in the following ways:

  • Using the Function Key: The function key may also change the brightness, much as how the keyboard light can be opened. You should consult your Lenovo laptop's handbook or the company's website for the correct key combination, as it varies by model.

  • Changing the Keyboard Light's Brightness in Windows: Some Lenovo laptops allow you to change the keyboard light's brightness in Windows. You'll find the Keyboard settings in the Control Panel under "Hardware and Sound." If you look closely, you should be able to tweak the settings for the keyboard's illumination.

  • Using an Application or Utility: The keyboard light brightness can be adjusted on some Lenovo laptops through a program or utility installed on the laptop. Locate any laptop-specific software and use it to change the level of the keyboard light.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to set the Lenovo laptop's keyboard light to a level that is convenient for typing.


A keyboard with a backlight is helpful. You can access your Lenovo laptop by following the instructions. If your laptop doesn't have a backlit keyboard, consider upgrading to one. Backlit keyboards provide better vision and make typing easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: It is only possible to activate or customise the keyboard's backlighting on your Lenovo laptop if it has one. An external lighted keyboard is an option, or you can see whether your laptop's model supports an add-on for a backlit keyboard.

Answer: Lenovo's website and user manual should include all the details necessary to determine whether your laptop's keyboard is illuminated.

Answer: To disable the keyboard light, repeat the process for activating it, but this time choose the "off" option from the menu. The specifics are determined by how the light is activated (using the function key, Windows settings, or third-party software).

Answer: Likely, your Lenovo laptop doesn't have a backlit keyboard or can switch on the light through Windows settings if you need help finding it in the Control Panel. For further assistance, consult the manual or Lenovo's official website.

Answer: The option to change the colour of the keyboard light is a feature not found on all Lenovo laptops. Models may or may not include this function; some may allow brightness adjustments. Please refer to the manual or visit the Lenovo website for further information about your individual Lenovo model.

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