How to Know Laptop Charger Pin Size?


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Your laptop could be damaged if you don't use the proper charger and pin size. If you don't have the original charger or it isn't labeled, figuring out the size of the pins on your laptop charger can be a bit of a mystery. To ensure that you get a charger or replacement compatible with your laptop, knowing the size of the pins on your charger is crucial. Following this guide, you'll be able to charge your laptop securely and efficiently by knowing the exact size of the pins on the charger.

Check the Charger Label

Checking the label on your laptop charger is the simplest approach to identifying the size of the connector pins. How? Read on!

  • Learn where the label is on the charging block.

  • It is important to know the output voltage and current. Wattage and frequency could be indicated on the label.

  • Pin and tip sizes are typically specified in millimeters, so measure them (mm). Typically, you can find the pin size adjacent to the model or part number.

If the pin size is not specified on the charger's label, you can contact the manufacturer or measure the pin size yourself.

Measure the Pin

If you can't find the manufacturer's information on the charger's label or get in touch with them, you can measure the pin size yourself. In this way:

Things you'll need to get started:

  • A caliper, either digital or analog

  • A measuring tool, such as a ruler or tape measure (optional)


  • Cut power to the laptop by disconnecting the charger from the wall.

  • Find the charging port on your laptop and locate the corresponding pin.

  • Obtain the pin's diameter in millimeters using a caliper (mm).

  • Diameters can be measured with a ruler or measuring tape without a caliper, albeit the results may not be as precise.

You can use the number to locate a suitable charger or check a device's compatibility.

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Contact the Manufacturer

If the laptop charger's label or your measurement fails to reveal the pin size, you can always try contacting the manufacturer. How? Read on!

  • Investigate ways to get in touch with the maker. Most laptops will provide this information, or you can locate it on the manufacturer's website or in the box your laptop came in.

  • You can call or email the maker with any questions you may have.

  • Send the laptop's model number and any information about the power supply to the maker.

  • Find out what size pins your charger uses by contacting the manufacturer.

The charger's pin size can usually be obtained from the manufacturer. A compatible charger or device can be located using this data.

Check the Laptop Manual or Website

You can also check the laptop's user manual or official website to see what size connector pins it uses. This is how:

  • Find the user guide that was packaged with your computer. A digital version of the manual is typically available on the manufacturer's website if you don't have a physical copy.

  • Examine the technical specs for details on where to find the charger.

  • Look for the charger pin size, which may be specified in millimeters (mm).

Check the manufacturer's website for additional resources if you can't find the manual or the needed information isn't included. The manufacturer can also be contacted for support.


To find a suitable replacement or assure compatibility with a new device, knowing the pin size of your laptop charger is essential. Checking the charger label, measuring the pin, contacting the manufacturer, and consulting the laptop's manual or website are all viable options for determining the pin size. You can protect your smartphone from potential harm and maximize charging efficiency using a charger with the proper pin size. Contact the manufacturer or a specialist if you have any doubts regarding the pin size or other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Damage to your laptop or battery, and possibly a fire risk, might result from using a charger with the incorrect pin size. Always use the appropriate charger and pin size to protect your gadget.

Answer: As a rule, you can use a charger with more power or voltage than your laptop needs without damaging it. However, the device or battery could be damaged if the charger's wattage or voltage output is much more than your laptop needs.

Answer: On the contrary, you must use a power supply with the same prongs as your laptop. Using a different pin-size charger could create fire and damage your device or battery.

Answer: After two to three years, you should get a new laptop charger if you notice damage like frayed wires or loosened connections. In addition to potentially damaging your device or battery, using a broken charger is also unsafe.

Answer: If the charger is compatible with your device and has the same pin size, you can use it. However, you should only get it from a respected manufacturer to ensure the charger is safe and compatible with your device.

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