How to Get Stretched Resolution on Laptop?


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In recent years, a stretched resolution has risen in popularity among gamers, especially those who enjoy playing online battle royales games like Fortnite and Valorant. By expanding the game's resolution to fill the entire screen, the player's field of view may be widened, and the game's visuals may be clearer. To get an edge in competition, some gamers like to play at a stretched resolution, albeit this is only ideal for some games or all players. Step-by-step instructions for enabling stretched resolution on a laptop are provided below.

Checking Compatibility

Make sure your laptop can handle the extra pixels before enabling stretched resolution. Examining the laptop's specifications, graphics card, and the resolutions it can handle are all part of this process.

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Necessary Laptop Hardware:

  • See what kind of screen and resolution the laptop has.

  • Ensure the laptop's graphics card allows for setting up unique resolutions.

  • Verify the laptop's memory and processor can handle the higher resolution.

Verifying Compatibility with a Graphics Card:

  • Make sure the graphics card can handle different resolutions by looking at its specifications.

  • Look up the graphics card model online to see if other people have had experience with stretched resolutions.

  • Verify that the driver for the graphics card is up to date.

Verify Accepted Resolutions:

  • You can find out what resolutions the game supports by checking the video options.

  • Do some digging online to learn what screen resolutions other gamers are using.

  • Verify that your graphics card and display can handle the extended resolution you intend to utilise.

You can ensure you can properly set up the stretched resolution by verifying your laptop's hardware, graphics card, and supported resolutions.

Setting Up Stretched Resolution

The following instructions will help you set up your laptop for extended resolution once you've established that it supports the feature.

Building Your Fix:

  • Throw open the settings menu for the graphics adapter.

  • Go to the appropriate menu item to set your resolution and display settings.

  • To make a new resolution, select "Add" or "Create Custom."

  • Set the screen's refresh rate and resolution.

  • Put aside the adapted image quality.

Changing the Resolution:

  • To change how your desktop looks, right-click on it.

  • Go to "Display Settings" and then "Advanced."

  • Choose the newly produced resolution from the resolution list.

  • Then select "Apply," followed by "Keep Changes."

Configuring Stretched Resolution in Game:

  • Put the game into motion.

  • Go into the video configurations by using the menu.

  • Just pick the one you made yourself.

  • If you need more space on the screen, stretch the resolution or change the aspect ratio.

  • Save your changes, then leave the video settings menu.

If you follow these instructions, you'll be able to configure your laptop to use a stretched resolution for gaming.


There are a few tried-and-true troubleshooting methods you can employ if you run into problems while establishing extended resolution on your laptop:

Common Problems and Fixes

  • Having a problem with a blank screen or no signal? Ensure your custom resolution is compatible with your monitor's refresh rate and other settings.

  • If you are experiencing a distorted or blurry image, try adjusting the aspect ratio to the same value as your monitor.

  • If your game keeps crashing or freezing, check to see if you have installed the most recent graphics driver and whether your laptop has enough power to handle the higher resolution.

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Keeping Graphics Drivers Up to Date:

  • For the most up-to-date version of your graphics card's drivers, visit the manufacturer's website.

  • Get the new drivers here and put them in immediately.

  • Simply restart your laptop and give the extended resolution setup another go.

Changing the Update Frequency:

  • The custom resolution should be set to refresh at the same pace as your monitor.

  • Reduce the refresh rate to fix the flickering and tearing.

  • Try out several refresh rates until you find one that doesn't cause any problems.

When setting up the extended resolution on a laptop, you may encounter some frequent problems.


A keyboard with a backlight is helpful. You can access your Lenovo laptop by following the instructions. If your laptop doesn't have a backlit keyboard, consider upgrading to one. Backlit keyboards provide better vision and make typing easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: The "stretched resolution" display option expands the game's native resolution to fill the entire screen, making in-game objects and characters appear larger and expanding the player's range of view. Players use it to boost their performance and enhance their overall gaming experience.

Answer: Checking the type and specifications of your graphics card can tell you if it can handle stretched resolutions. Graphics cards like those in the Nvidia GTX and RTX series and those in the AMD Radeon RX series are commonly used examples of those supporting the stretched resolution.

Answer: Depending on the game's graphics and display settings, stretched resolution may not be playable. The resolution can be expanded in games like Fortnite and Valorant, but many competitive games still need to.

Answer: Two potential drawbacks of adopting the stretched resolution are reduced image quality and more stress on your laptop's hardware. To lessen the likelihood of these problems, it's best to experiment with different graphics settings and discover the stretched resolution that works best for your laptop and gaming style.

Answer: First, try reverting your laptop's graphics settings to their factory defaults if you have problems after enabling extended resolution. You can contact the laptop maker or seek help on online forums if it doesn't work.

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